Damate created 3.5 thousand jobs in 2020

Turkey production

In 2020, Damate Group opened 3.5 thousand jobs in five regions: Penza, Tyumen, Rostov, Moscow regions and the North Caucasus Federal District. Today, over 9 thousand people work at the enterprises of the group throughout the country. The creation of new jobs is due to the launch of new production facilities and the development of existing ones, as well as the expansion of the geography of the company's presence.

Damate created the largest number of jobs in 2020 in Rostov region. More than 2.2 thousand people got jobs here. This became possible due to the relaunch of the turkey and duck production complexes.

About 1.7 thousand new jobs have been created at the company's facilities for turkey production and processing with a planned capacity of 85 thousand tons per year in Rostov. For 6 months, from the summer of 2020, the company has restored all stages of full production cycle.

Damate also created about 550 vacancies in a new business line - duck production in the Millerovsky district of Rostov region. The total production capacity is 16.5 thousand tons of duck meat per year. The restoration of production took several months and at the end of the year the company released the first batches of products.

"During a visit to the production of duck meat the Governor of Rostov region, Vasily Golubev turned the attention to the importance of not only economic, but also social significance of restoring the work of complexes, he noted that the enterprises of Damate Group in Rostov region already employ more than 2.2 thousand residents of the region and their average salary is 30 % higher than the average for the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the Don, - said the first Deputy Governor of Rostov region, Viktor Goncharov. – This is one of the best examples of socially responsible business. Today, in the Don region as a whole, a lot of work is being done to improve the quality of life in rural areas and increase the wages of agricultural workers."

Damate has opened over 788 jobs in Penza region. Here the company completed a project for the construction of a complete turkey production cycle at the complex with a capacity of 155 thousand tons of products in carcass weight per year. More than 673 people has commenced employment in turkey production and processing facilities last year.

As part of its milk processing activities in Penza region, Damate has created more than 115 jobs. This became possible due to the ongoing modernization of capacities and the commissioning of modern lines at the largest milk processor in Penza region, the Penza dairy processing plant (Molcom). In addition, in the spring of 2020, Damate Group acquired a cold storage plant of Penzaholod JSC with a capacity of 10 thousand tons of product per year, replenishing the product line with ice cream and opening new jobs in this direction.

"The results of the survey conducted among the company's employees showed that Damate is one of the most attractive employers in the country's agricultural sector,” said Rashid Khairov, General Director of Damate Management Company LLC. - The main reason why people choose Damate as an employer are the high development rates and serious investments in the modernization of production and automation of processes. It is extremely important for our people that we produce quality products that they enjoy eating ourselves. In addition, the stable operation of the economy sector gives confidence in the future. As a result, 90% of employees are ready to recommend the company to their friends and relatives."

The company is introducing digitalization of personnel management processes, continuous training of employees, including in digital format. This creates a new level of competence among employees, which allows them to work in an innovative environment.

The most popular vacancies in 2020 were manual employees, veterinarians, machine operators, laboratory assistants, livestock technicians, technologists, engineers of automated control systems, as well as mechanics for instrumentation and automation. Damate invites to work both employees with experience in production and agriculture, as well as specialists from other industries.