Damate has launched a block of the parent herd of a turkey breeding reproducer in Tyumen region

Turkey production

Damate Group has completed the construction and commissioned the parent herd block of Russia's largest second-order turkey breeding reproducer located in Tyumen Region. The block is designed for 64.5 thousand heads of poultry. Thus, the company commisioned all the poultry facilities of the reproducer.

Total investments in the project amounted to 6.1 billion rubles; the financial partner is Russian Agricultural Bank ("Rosselchozbank" JSC).

The launch ceremony of the new block was attended by the Governor of Tyumen Region Alexander Moore, Chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Issues and Land Relations of the Tyumen Regional Duma Vladimir Kovin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Damate Group Naum Babayev, representatives of "Rosselchozbank" JSC, employees of the enterprise.

The formation of a parent herd is an important stage in turkey production. Own-produced incubation eggs will allow Damate to reduce dependence on the import of turkey genetic material, reduce biological risks and increase egg quality indicators.

The new poultry breeding unit is located in the Isetsk district of Tyumen region and consists of five sites, each of them has five poultry buildings: 4 for breeding stock and 1 for males.

To date, Damate has started to form the parent turkey herd, two poultry sites have already been populated, the first incubation egg has been received and its deliveries to the Damate turkey production complex in the Penza region have begun. Reaching the design capacity of 12 million eggs per year is planned for the end of 2024.

Poultry buildings, where according to the schedule, 203-day replacement young turkeys are transferred to within three days, are equipped with an automated microclimate system with supply and combine extract and input ventilation system, heat generators and humidifiers. The joint operation of ventilation, heating and humidification systems allows keeping the bird in optimal conditions. The poultry houses are equipped with automatic feeding and watering lines. The automated system maintains a comfortable level of illumination. 4 automated egg collection lines with nests are installed in the buildings. An important part of the project was the arrangement of modern infrastructure, including the installation of external networks and roads.

It should be recalled that Damate launched a second-order pedigree breeding unit in November last year. The breeding unit is an enterprise with a parent turkey herd of 138 thousand heads to produce eggs of highly productive crosses. The project provides for the phased launch of 10 poultry breeding sites: five for the replacement young turkeys and five for the parent herd, a feed mill with a capacity of 10 tons per hour and an elevator for 20 thousand tons of storage.