Damate increased turkey production by 8% up to 216 thousand tons in 2022

Turkey production

Damate Group, the leader in turkey production in Russia, has increased turkey meat production by 8% up to 216 thousand tons in slaughter weight or 258 thousand tons in live weight in 2022. The positive dynamics of production growth is due to the systematic implementation of the company's poultry projects in Penza and Rostov regions.

In Rostov region, turkey production increased by 21% up to 51 thousand tons in slaughter weight or 60 thousand tons in live weight. Significant growth is associated with the restart of the largest turkey-breeding complex in the region with a capacity of 85 thousand tons of meat per year. The company restored the work of the enterprise in the shortest time possible and launched a full production cycle, as well as commissioned a slaughter and processing plant, which was followed by start of production and its delivery to federal and local networks. In 2022, Damate upgraded the kupati line and launched a new meat slicing line. The company gradually brought the capacities of all production facilities to the planned indicators, worked with the product range and geography of deliveries.

It should be noted that the company has reached full self-sufficiency with an incubation egg in Rostov. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the dependence of the Damate poultry industry on the import of genetic material, reduce biological risks and increase egg quality due to a shorter shelf life and by optimizing logistics.

In Penza region in 2022, the company actually produced 166 thousand tons of turkey in slaughter weight or 198 thousand tons in live weight, which is 5% more than in the same period of 2021. The stable growth of turkey production at the complex in Penza region is the result of the systematic implementation of the capacity expansion project up to 207 thousand tons of products per year, which will be completed in 2023.

As part of the expansion project, new facilities were launched: a poultry unit for 32 poultry houses and a feed mill with an elevator, designed to produce 50 tons per hour of complete loose and granular feed.

At the end of 2022, Damate took part in a videoconference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which the company launched the country's largest second-order turkey breeding reproducer with a capacity of 12 million eggs per year in Tyumen region. The first hatching egg will be received here in the second quarter of 2023, it will be delivered to the Damate turkey production complex in Penza region. Damate is the only turkey producer in Russia with its own commercial parent herd.

The company’s plans for the current year are to continue implementing projects in three regions and ensure stable operation of enterprises with an increase in turkey meat production up to 258 thousand tons per year.

Today, Indilight branded semi-finished meat products and deep-processed turkey products are sold in federal and local networks, retail and the HoReCa channel throughout the country, and are also exported.