Damate supports the unique social project "Dobriy Dom"

Turkey production

Damate Group, the largest turkey producer in Russia, will support the Moscow Charity Foundation for children and their families "Dobriy Dom". This is the first free social hotel in the country for recovering children with cancer and their families who come for treatment to the capital from all regions of Russia and neighboring countries and do not have the financial opportunity to rent housing. This is a significant social project that has no analogues in our country.

Damate plans to provide food charity assistance to the foundation on a monthly basis during 2022. This week, the company handed over to the institution the first batch of products with a volume of 300 kg. These are meat processing products, offals and products of deep processing: fillet, heart, liver, ham and turkey sausages. The shipment of the second batch is scheduled for July.

The cooperation between Damate and "Dobriy Dom" will make it possible to provide recovering children and their parents with high-quality and healthy turkey meat products that are suitable for the menu for the period of rehabilitation and recovery of children. At the moment, 180 people live in the free social hotel "Dobriy Dom", some of the them came from regions where traditional Islamic values are strong. Therefore, it is important to note that the supplied turkey products from Damate meet the requirements and norms of Halal.

The agroholding representatives are convinced that participation in such socially oriented projects helps to draw public attention to the problems of rehabilitation of children with cancer and contribute to their solution. The company plans not only to help the fund with products, but also to provide information support and conduct actions to attract attention to the work of the institution. During the year, various educational and entertainment events will be held here with the participation of Damate volunteers.

The first event was a culinary master class, which was attended by more than 60 people. The company's employees, together with a professional chef, prepared a special menu and organized a master class on cooking turkey dishes for children from "Dobriy Dom" and their parents. The participants made pizza, dumplings and sausage rolls with their own hands – something that almost all children love. During the event, the children not only learned how to cook new dishes, but also learned more about the Indilight brand of Damate, as well as that it is easy to cook delicious, varied dishes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"Dobriy Dom" is a young, unique project. In December 2019, by order of the Moscow Mayor, the foundation received two four-storey buildings for the rehabilitation of children. Repairs in buildings are carried out on donations from caring citizens, the project is assisted by Russian business leaders. "Dobriy Dom" does not have state funding. Thanks to "Dobriy Dom", almost 3,000 children received assistance. The vast majority of them recovers completely, live a normal life and become full-fledged members of society. You can learn more about the charity foundation for children and their families "Dobriy Dom" and provide assistance on the website.

Damate Group pays great attention to charitable activities and volunteering, constantly supporting both regional social events and major federal projects. Among the implemented projects are the support of the inclusive art estate "New Shores" in Penza region, assistance to the animal relief fund "Soul of a tramp" in Kaluga region, financing the reconstruction of the kennel and the museum "Valley of Wolves" in the Karachai-Cherkess Republic, as well as the participation of volunteers in clean-up days and actions to clean up natural areas, in planting forests and in a number of other events in the regions of the company's presence.