The deep turkey processing plant Damate increased production by 5 times in 2022

Turkey production

Europe's largest turkey deep processing plant of Damate Group has increased its production output by 5 times up to 15.6 thousand tons in 2022. The main volume of production included Indilight branded sausages, hams and bologna-type sausages made from 100% turkey meat of its own production.

Last year, the main volume of production i.e. 68% is comprised of sausages and bologna-type sausages. The products are produced in a special department, which is designed to produce 128 tons per day. Bologna-type turkey sausage products are high in protein and low in fat.

Ham made from whole turkey meat is also very popular with consumers, about 4.7 thousand tons of these products were sent to consumers last year. Hams are produced in the ham products and sous-vide department with a capacity of 87 tons per day. The first Russian ham roasting line with a slicing function, a unique robotic ham cooking and cooling line, automated ham production and slicing lines are installed here.

The main increase in production volume is associated with an increase in demand and sales accordingly. The company has carried out serious work to attract new customers, expand the market and the geography of sales. Effective negotiations on the conclusion of long-term contracts were held, presentations and tasting sessions for potential buyers are regularly organized. Production processes are being optimized, regular work is being carried out with regard to personnel, equipment, supply of raw materials.

The turkey deep processing plant with a capacity of 303 tons per day is located in Penza region, it was put into operation in the summer of 2021.The company uses advanced solutions in the field of deep processing, installed automated production lines, more than 500 pieces of equipment from leading manufacturers. The plant consists of 5 workshops: production of ham and sous-vide products, production of bologna-type sausage products, production of dried sausage products, ready-made semi-finished products. One of the main advantages of the plant is a robotic warehouse of products.

The company produces cured sausages, hams, bologna-type sausages and sausage products, sous-vide culinary products, as well as ready-to-eat semi-finished products. The products meet the Halal requirements.