The feed plant Damate in Penza region received an export license

Turkey production

The largest feed plant in the Volga region Damate has received a license to export products to the countries of the Customs Union – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The company plans to export ready-made animal feed for production animals.

The new feed plant Damate, located in the Kolyshley district of Penza region, has received permission to export products to the countries of the Customs Union EAEU - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The largest feed plant in the Volga region has confirmed compliance with the requirements of the EAEU and is included in the register of exporting enterprises of the Customs Union.

A large volume of work had been done before obtaining an export license. Earlier in March, Damate submitted an application to the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (RFSVP) of Penza region to allow shipments of feed for production animals to the EAEU countries. Representatives of the RFSVP and employees of Damate's own laboratory service had studied the company's documentation, analyzed technological processes, and inspected all production facilities.

In course of the audit, the plant confirmed compliance with biosafety standards: sanitation, disinfection and biosafety standards for transport, premises, raw materials and personnel. The Commission reviewed the results of laboratory studies of feed and raw materials, confirming the high quality and safety of compound feeds produced at the plant.

The plant has modern automated lines for production of loose and pelleted total mixed that fully meet the requirements of export supplies. Modern equipment makes it possible to produce feed using whole grains and liquid components, such as vegetable oil, which increases the nutritional value of the finished mixture.

Grain, including wheat, barley, corn, sunflower and peas, mineral raw materials and premixes are used as raw materials at the plant. Raw materials arriving at the plant are dosed on scales, crushed, and after adding liquid components, everything is mixed and sent for heat treatment and peletting. Pelleted feed passes through the final spraying and is stored in the finished product hopper for further shipment.

Damate launched the new feed plant with an elevator in Penza region in November 2022. The capacity of the feed plant is 363 thousand tons of finished product per year. The launch of the plant allowed increasing the total annual capacity of the company's feed production up to 886 thousand tons and allowed the company to fully provide the turkey growing complex with its own feed. The company is able to exercise full control over the production of compound feeds, as well as acquire the maximum amount of crops at the time of harvesting at minimum prices.