Damate increased duck production from 300 up to 11.5 thousand tons in 2021

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Damate Group is summing up the results of the development of the Russia’s largest duck project in Rostov Region, New Duck Farms LLC. In 2021, the company increased duck production by more than 35 times, from 300 up to 11.5 thousand tons. This became possible thanks to the launch of a full production cycle and the commissioning of a duck slaughtering and processing plant.

As part of duck production restoration at New Duck Farms LLC, Damate commissioned 18 parent flock poultry houses, an incubator for 11.3 million eggs, 40 poultry houses for commercial duck fattening and growing, a processing plant for 16.5 thousand tons per year, a grain elevator and a feed production plant. In 2021, the company gradually brought these production facilities to the planned capacity.

In addition, in 2021, Damate continued to form its own duck parent flock in order to reduce dependence on imported hatching eggs and minimize biological risks. The company plans to form a flock in February 2022, after reaching the design indicators, the capacity of the parent flock will be 70 thousand birds.

"Ozerka" branded duck products are sold in federal and local networks, retail and the HoReCa channel throughout the country.

An important stage of development was the beginning of exports - at the end of last year, the first batch of halal duck products was sent to the United Arab Emirates.

Currently, 907 people work at the company's facilities. In 2022, it is planned to increase the number up to 1,238 people.

Damate started producing duck in May 2020. The company has leased the largest property complex in Russia for the industrial production of duck meat and has begun to resume production. The restoration of the duck production enterprise in Rostov is proceeding in stages and is of great social importance.