Damate increased the production of further processing products up to 1 thousand tons per month

Turkey production

Damate turkey further processing plant has reached a production volume of 1 thousand tons of products per month and continues to scale up production. The company plans to increase the monthly capacity up to 7.5 thousand tons.

Positive dynamics has been achieved due to increased productivity, automation of processes, and improvement of production technologies.

As part of the increase in production capacity, a large amount of work has been done: technological processes in the production departments have been optimized. The company's specialists made adjustments to the formulations of the products and selected the optimal packaging materials. An important stage was the training of the company's employees aimed at increasing productivity and creating new jobs.

As a result of production expansion, the company's product line has been replenished with new items, including nuggets and turkey cutlets, meatballs, baked burgers and meat sticks. In addition, new types of sausage products, as well as turkey rolls, have appeared in the product line.

Damate plans to launch a line for the production of cured sausages, develop a range of sous vide products, certify and sell sausage products and turkey semi-finished products abroad to the countries of the Near and Middle East.

Europe’s largest turkey further processing plant was opened last summer in Penza region. The enterprise is designed to produce 303 tons of products per day and consists of 5 departments: for production of ham and sous vide products, for bologna-type sausages, for dry cured sausage products, for semi-finished products and a fully robotized cold storage.