Damate starts construction of a turkey pedigree breeding unit in Russia worth 5.2 billion rubles

Turkey production

Damate Group, the leading producer of turkeys in the country, has begun construction in Russia of a pedigree breeding unit of the second order with a capacity of 12 million eggs per year in the Isetsky district of Tyumen region. Investments in the project will amount to 5.2 billion rubles; the financial partner is Rosselkhozbank JSC.

Vladimir Yakushev, Alexander Moor and Naum Babaev took part in the groundbreaking ceremony of the new enterprise.

The launch of the pedigree breeding unit on the territory of Russia will significantly reduce the dependence of poultry farming on the import of genetic material and increase the quality of eggs due to a shorter shelf life and by optimizing logistics: the egg will be transported over shorter distances, which will reduce the number of losses during delivery, will give greater hatchability of chicks.

The pedigree breeding unit of the second order is an enterprise where the turkey parent flock in number of 138 thousand heads will be brought to produce eggs of highly productive crosses. All hatching eggs produced will be delivered to the Damate turkey production complex in Penza region.

"The construction of the pedigree breeding unit in the Isetsky district of Tyumen region is the result of effective interaction between government and business. An example of how a region should build relationships with entrepreneurs and investors. This is a very important and promising project. It will become a new stage in the development of the agricultural complex of the region," stressed Vladimir Yakushev.

The first stage of the project will be launched in 2022, the work will be done fully in 2023, and it is planned to reach the design capacity by 2025.

The implementation of the project will create about 200 jobs in the region.

"The appearance of a pedigree breeding unit is a more stable development of our agriculture; it is a reduction in the risks of bird disease. Now the bird is being transported from different countries, and here all production is on one closed site. In the future, we can move to a higher level of development of the industry, including the creation of a breeding and genetic center: taking into account the knowledge and competencies of Damate company and the potential of our agricultural university," said Alexander Moor.

"The implementation of a new project in Tyumen region will allow us to jointly solve several important tasks at once. Our own pedigree breeding unit will be an important step towards the formation of a closed cycle of turkey meat production, will reduce the risks of critical dependence of poultry farming on the import of genetic material, and will also replace more expensive supplies from abroad with our own egg," said Naum Babayev, Damate Group CEO. - Thanks to the commissioning of the enterprise, about 200 people will get jobs - qualified specialists in the field of poultry farming, veterinary medicine, and engineering. Our task is to provide them and their families with decent working conditions and a high quality of life, which will play a role in the development of the social sphere of the region."