The number of employees of Damate exceeded 10 thousand people

Turkey production

The total number of employees of Damate Group exceeded 10 thousand people in 2021. At the moment, the company employs 10,130 people. The company is actively developing all business areas, introducing new production facilities that require an increase in the number of jobs.

This year, 1,892 new jobs were created in five regions of the company's presence: Penza, Tyumen, Rostov, Moscow regions and the North Caucasus Federal District. The increase in the number was 18% compared to the level of 2020.

By the end of the year, more than 1 thousand new workplaces have been created in Penza region, both in service professions, engineering and technical personnel. Of these, 652 jobs are accounted for the commissioned plant for further processing of turkey meat, another 210 jobs have been created at the turkey slaughter and processing plant. 124 jobs have been created in connection with the opening of new poultry breeding sites in districts and the commissioning of a cleaning and sanitary treatment center for technological transport. In addition, new jobs have been created in the field of crop production in the region and to ensure the smooth operation of warehouses of various infrastructure facilities of the company.

Reaching the planned capacities of turkey and duck meat production complexes in Rostov region allowed creating more than 800 jobs at production sites in Shakhtinsk and Millerovo districts.

This year, the most popular vacancies in the company were workforce, veterinarians, machine operators, laboratory assistants, animal technicians, technologists, engineers of automated control systems, as well as locksmiths for control and measuring devices and automation.

In order to successfully adapt new employees at the turkey meat production plant in Penza region, a pilot mentoring project was launched in 2021, which has shown its effectiveness. 228 new trainees have been adapted by 58 mentors certified according to the TWI (Training Within Industry) standard. The training time of employees and the number of defects in the production operations of trainees have been reduced. The company plans to extend the successful mentoring experience to other production enterprises of the group.

Damate Group has a stable reputation as a reliable employer and in 2021 the company won three awards in the field of personnel management and social policy. Damate was awarded for achievements in the development of corporate culture and motivation of employees "Crystal Pyramid-2021" in the nomination "Best Well-being Program". The company won the award in the field of team building Team Awards 2021 in the nomination "Team of the Year" of the category "Industry" for the best training system in production. Damate also has the HR Brand Award in the Federation nomination for the Digital HR STRATEGY project for 2021/Efficiency management strategy through automation of HR processes at a manufacturing enterprise".