Damate became the first company in the North Caucasus Federal District to start improving the quality of pastures. During the spring sowing campaign, Damate specialists scatter their own lands and fields of farmer -partners of the mutton production project with specially selected mixed grass crop.

Damate starts production of its own hatching eggs in Rostov region. The first 18 thousand heads of the parent herd were raised at the company's facilities in the region and transferred to the nesting site. The egg will begin to arrive for incubation in May this year.

Damate has started exporting halal turkey products under its own brand, Salima, created for foreign buyers. The products have already been delivered to a number of CIS countries, and the company plans to start deliveries to non-CIS countries.

Damate Group has started construction of a sheep fattening site for 50 thousand heads in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. The first stage of the new enterprise will be launched this summer.

Damate Group brought a batch of 200 heads of Karachai sheep to the farm of the North Caucasus Federal District under the grant. The delivery was carried out by the service company Damate, which operates according to a new for Russia model of contract farming.

Damate acquired an affiliate company of the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank JSC) Loman-2 LLC and thus closed the deal to buy assets for the production of turkey and duck in Rostov region.

Damate launches a project on cattle genetics in Tyumen region. The company plans not only to provide itself with high-quality genetic material, but also make use of the project as a platform for the development of new genetics and to broadcast advanced technologies to the entire market

In 2020, Damate Group created 3.5 thousand jobs in five regions of its presence. Today over 9 thousand people work at the enterprises of the group throughout the country.