Damate carried out the first embryo transfer as part of a mutton production project in the North Caucasus Federal District. As follows from the operation, the first lamb was obtained from the highly productive Charolais breed.

Damate presented halal products from turkey under the new brand Salima at the Russia Halal Expo 2022. The brand's products have already appeared on store shelves.

Damate has made a decision to bring Salima branded halal products to the Russian market. The company's specialists predict a high demand among consumers for the assortment of the new brand.

Daria Laschenko, Deputy General Director for Marketing at Damate, spoke at "Forbes Retail in Russia conference: a new starting point". The speaker shared her opinion on the development of the FMCG market, changes in consumption and assortment of meat products.

Damate has started implementing embryo transfer technology at a dairy complex in Tyumen region. The project will allow increasing the productivity of the farm at a high rate, and the development of technology in Russia will reduce dependence on imports of genetic material.

The turkey further processing plant Damate has increased production up to 1 thousand tons per month. Thanks to the expansion of production, the assortment line of the enterprise has been replenished with new positions.

Damate presented halal-certified turkey and duck products under its own brands at the Gulfood-2022 International Food Exhibition.

Damate’s new further processing plant produced 3 thousand tons of turkey in 2021