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Damate Group keeps developing breeding livestock and increases sales of highly productive cattle from its own breeding reproducer in Tyumen region. In 2023, the company plans to sell about 800 heads of breeding animals. To this end, the company has expanded the capacity of production sites through the construction of two open livestock pens.

The largest lamb slaughter and processing plant in Russia has been commissioned. The enterprise with a capacity of 25 thousand tons of products per year is located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

Damate has supplied more than 30 tons of turkey meat offal to the Dog Relief Foundation "Soul of a Tramp" since the start of 2022. The company continues to provide charitable assistance to the shelter's pets.

Damate has opened the country's first robotic warehouse for ultra-fresh products in Penza as part of a robotics project worth more than 110 million rubles. The up-to-date solution will optimize logistics costs and increase warehouse productivity.

Damate has completed the development and implementation of an IT solution for sales forecasting and order balancing based on mathematics and machine learning. The project cost is 35.5 million rubles. Damate expects to receive additional profit in the amount of up to 61 million rubles per year only due to more accurate planning of orders.

Over the course of 2022 year, Damate will supply products to the Moscow Charitable Foundation for Children and Their Families "Dobriy Dom". The first batch of turkey products with a volume of 300 kg has already been transferred to a social hotel for recovering children.

Damate carried out the first embryo transfer as part of a mutton production project in the North Caucasus Federal District. As follows from the operation, the first lamb was obtained from the highly productive Charolais breed.

Damate presented halal products from turkey under the new brand Salima at the Russia Halal Expo 2022. The brand's products have already appeared on store shelves.